Monday, 15 June 2020

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Something happened yesterday that shook me seriously. Some of us know me and the Full Gospel Fellowship.

My friend, our chapter president chatted me yesterday around after five in the evening that he would've died that yesterday in a tragic unsuspecting way. We couldn't talk cos I was still in an official meeting. So he shared his testimony during our online fellowship at 6pm yesterday.

He's financially blessed and invests in building and selling houses, malls, etc. There was one he put up for sale close to his home in Lekki. About 4 days, his house guard called his attention to a broken window in the new house and he told him not to worry that he'll fix it later.
The 2nd day, the guard told him about the broken window and complained that it might put buyers off but my friend replied to him that he would fix it if any buyer shows.

 Yesterday as he was returning home in the afternoon, the guard called his attention to it again and complained that he's not happy about the state of the new house because it might put off buyers. So my friend reluctantly dropped his stuff at home and followed the guard to the new house beside their home to inspect whatever damages that needed fixing.

When they entered the compound, he noticed that the electric fence had been tampered with but told the guard that there's nothing to steal in the new house. As they entered the sitting room and he was checking around, he guards swiftly shut the door, brought out a knife and lunged for him, he was able to dodge it and a life and death struggle began. He managed to free the knife from the guard but didn't have the will and courage to stab him in self-defense. So he threw it away and ran out but the guard gave him a chase, threw a rod at him, he fell but was already near the gate and was shouting "help, help, help...". The guard caught up with him, pounced on him, and tried to strangle him to death.

His wife at home miraculously heard his scream and rushed to the gate but the guard had locked it. She quickly dashed for the spare opened it and screamed for help and to God's glory, help did come from their neighbors and everywhere. They entered just in time before my friend lost consciousness. They apprehended the guy and was handed over to the police. When the drugs he took waned, he became vegetable and burst into tears asking for forgiveness.

*The lessons:*
*Please don't trust anyone to be alone with them especially if your mind is reluctant in obeying their request. The guard was on this issue for 3 days and he didn't want him to feel bad that he didn't want to listen to him.

*Evil is everywhere and being good and nice doesn't stop it.
They fed, clothed, and housed this guard that turned killer. He was taken from a security company but still, he became a devil.

*Fixing camera everywhere isn't everything, how often do you check them? The guard has disconnected all the cameras mounted in the new house.

*Never forget your umbrella; Psalms 91.

Thanks for your time.

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