Tuesday, 6 August 2019

list of 18+ whatsapp group link 2018 kenya

Join 18+ whatsapp group link 2018 kenya

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Kenyan XXX Whatsapp Group >> https://chat.whatsapp.com/lJDYTftydGYUUIKRDD6Bk2EQ

Before I gained admission into higher institution, a Blackberry Bold 5 was selling for N250,000. Then when you have a BB bold 5, you also buy an iPhone 4 with it to go along with the swag.  I had a Nokia Asha 200, it allowed me to WhatsApp & feel among a little. Shame no dey gree me commot phone when real gadgets are on display. Then, my Ahsa was all I needed to be good tho, & I was happy with it.

          If you don't have a BB pin then, you ain't shit! WhatsApp & Facebook wasn't on point like today, it was only pinging, BIS etc.

             Today, if you are carrying a Blackberry, you are either poor, broke or behind the world. No one will look at you twice. In fact, I can get you a NEW Blackberry Bold 5 for N5,000(that is if the seller successfully scam me ni o).

           Oya, let's face the reality of the whole gist.

¶  Did you know that some people were slept with like an animal & their dentinal aura was stolen because they wanted to own a BB?

¶  Remember ALUU 4?  A blackberry was one of the reasons they were burnt alive.

¶ Lots of people were stripped naked, humiliated & even killed because they wanted to own a Blackberry & stole one.

 Today, it's the iPhone.
We want to own an iPhone X, so we become hoes, thieves, slaves, hookers or internet fraudsters (aka yahoo boys). Killing our tomorrow so that we can get along with today's wind when as a matter of fact the day you are killing yourself for on its own is actually looking forward to tomorrow also.

   You don't know anything about technology if you think that Apple actually comes up with the technology of iPhones every year. This September, Apple will release the iPhone XI. I'm pretty sure that you are ready to slave again to own it.

  Those technologies that you think are new have been discovered over 50 years ago but are being released gradually because if thrown out once, man will end himself because of excessive power. If you really want to see LATEST TECHNOLOGY, go to Apple Inc, Google Inc or Sony Entertainment, Mercedes or Rolls-Royce & ask them to open their teach vaults for you & you will pass out at what you will see. Advanced techs running on AI's (Artificial Intelligence) will knock you out.

  Nothing is worth selling or loosing yourself for. The selfies you are taking today that are gaining you 500 likes, someday, your grandchildren will look at your album & laugh at you because what is the trend today will look so freaking ridiculous to them, the same way you laugh at your dad's boot-cut trousers, vintage shirt, afro hair & parting when he was youthful.

Nothing Lasts except the word of God, your love for God and humanity.
 Don't loose yourself over material things. It can NEVER be worth it.
#Appreciate The PRESENT

#Gamzycool be who you are and enjoy what u have, dont try to copy another people style 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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