Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Download 24dailyinfo Android App

Download 24dailyinfo Android Apk App

I am very happy to launch our official Android app for 24dailyinfo - I took my time to create this Android app officially for this blog 24dailyinfo

This app is easy to use and

It has some cool features which includes;

THEMES: There are only two themes to choose from, which are: Dark theme and White theme. You can choose either the dark or light theme but the default theme i coded was the Light theme.

You can browse 24dailyinfo.net in the app without opening your phone browser like opera, chrome, Mozilla or ucweb instead this app is loaded with that feature.

Recent Updates: You can access our feeds and updates like latest updates of our post through the app without browsing our blog for updates.
You can also Tap and Hold a post in the Recent Updates page and Toggle Star it to read later, just as bookmarking the post. 
You can see your Starred posts in All Stars page.

DOWNLOADS: You can download  all kinds of applications directly from the app and install it from the app also, watch/stream our video tutorials when posted directly from the app.

SETTINGS: The settings are OK and easy to understand.


Very fast and easy to browse and download any app posted on the blog. 

1) You will be first to get our latest
updates and get notifications on your
Android phone.

2) It doesn't lag or bug your phone. It
doesn't eat up RAM. It is malware free
and ADS free. Very very fast and smooth
in browsing.

3) You can download the latest
applications shared on this blog and see
your Download progress in the Download
page and still browsing our blog.

4) You can explore the settings to make
changes on the app and also send us

There are many features i added in it.
Without wasting much of your time, kindly
download and install our Android app HERE <<<

Don't forget to share our app with your friends
and please kindly click the share button below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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