Saturday, 15 September 2018


These is What You Need To Known ABOUT FACEBOOK GIRLS.

1.) When a girl accept your friends request, it doesn't mean she #loves you. She did it to show respect.

2.) When a girl sends you a friend request, it doesn't mean she's chasing you or after your. She did it cos you look familiar or she needs more friends to chat with.

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3.) When a girl tags you in her post it doesn't mean she wants you to notice her. She just want you to experience what she post.

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4.) When a girl quickly reply to your messages it doesn't mean she has feelings for you. She did so because you're the only one left online to chat with.

5.) When a girl say "goodnight" or "sweet dreams" it doesn't mean you're very handsome or very nice for her. But she say so to wish you luck. So boys stop deceiving your self by thinking every girl that chat frequently with you on facebook is inlove or has feelings for you.

#Girls_am_I_right ???


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